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Volunteer Abroad Complaints

When you are going for a volunteering abroad program you are anticipating a positive experience. But, it is not the only case. Before going for a volunteering abroad program you also must be aware of major problems/complaints people have. To know about the problems or complaints, it is a good idea to go through the volunteer reviews on individual organization's website, independent review websites and articles regarding volunteering abroad programs. There you can find detailed description of volunteer experiences and comment on every topic regarding volunteering. Moreover, talking to other in your community or friends who had an experience of volunteering abroad.

This article is aimed to provide an insight into some basic problems or complaints that many volunteer have while volunteering abroad.

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Communication problem

The major issue that many volunteers face while volunteering overseas is the lack of proper communication between them and volunteer organization. A good volunteer organization will be there for you from the moment you show your interest in their program to long after the completion of program. Communication between you and volunteering organization is very essential, as you may have many questions along the way.

Moreover, the lack of communication with the people whom you are working for is also another major problem because without proper communication all you time and energy will just be a waste.

Host families issue

Living with a host family while in abroad is a rewarding and knowledgeable experience and a wonderful way to immerse yourself into a new culture. Most of the volunteer have positive experience of living with a host family. However, it a major problem too, as sometimes conflict can arise with the family. Therefore, you must ask your volunteer organization if the host family is vetted or not. If yes then how, what are the specific rules and regulations to live with that family, how far do host family live from your workplace, do they speak English, is communication a problem, have they hosted any volunteer before? Are some basic questions to know about host family?

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Work placement issue

Work placement is one of the major problems while volunteering abroad as you may not get what was advertised. For example, you were told to teach in a school with needy people but you end up with teaching at private school. Though many volunteer organizations have maintained good relationship with local organization, but sometimes things may not go as planned. So, you must be prepared to avoid such problem by acquiring as much information as possible.

Fees or money issue

While selecting volunteering organization you must be aware of how much money are you going to pay and where the money is going. It is a factual thing that fees are getting expensive day-by-day. But volunteers who complain about expensive fees are those who have not done proper research before leaving. So, to avoid this issue, compare different organization's fees and ensure what you are paying for.

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