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Volunteering is all about sharing your love and compassion to improve the livelihood of those in need. The most important skills you should have is enthusiasm, hard work and willingness to help people and community. However, the types of volunteering program determine whether you should be skillful or not. Programs like conservation programs, working in orphanage requires less skill set and qualification than the programs like medical or health project.

Below are some of the projects and skills/qualifications required:

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Working with children in orphanage

To work with the children in an orphanage the most common skills you require are love, compassion and patience. These children are only looking for your affection and care. Sometimes you can teach them some basics of English, math, science or creative things like drawing, singing or dancing. However, to work in an orphanage, you don't require any specific skills or qualification but an enthusiasm to make children happy.

Teaching English

It is one of the popular volunteering program. In this program, you'll be teaching English in public schools. You don't need to have specific skills to teach English if you are fluent in English. Moreover, this program will be easier and enjoyable if you have some teaching trainings beforehand.

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Medical/Health programs

This sort of volunteer program requires specific skill set as well as qualification. You also require having some sort of experience on related field. You should at least be a pre-med student to help in providing medical care to the needy community. you may be asked to show certificate of experience as well. Those with no experience but willing to work for this project can get internship through volunteer program.

Community development

To work for the community development program, you will not require to specific skills and qualification. However, prior experience in project management, leadership projects can help are not necessary. All you need to have is love and passion and willingness to create a positive change on the community and its people.

Nature and wildlife conservation

Nature and wildlife conservation volunteering program is some of the most popular program as volunteer are usually going to spend their time with animal or working in nature. You don't require any specific skill, qualification or any sort of prior experience to work for nature. However, the love and compassion toward animals and nature are the basic requirement. It is all about your passion to work for the conservation of nature and its wildlife.

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Do I need to know local language?

Since, basics of English language is spoken at almost every volunteer project site, you don't need to know local language. However, in most countries in Latin America, learning at least small of local language is mandatory to communicate with local people. But when you learn local language, you can create a strong bond with locals so that your effort will take more effect. Also, you will receive respect and admiration from the community people.

Do I need to be physically fit?

Working as a volunteer, involves a lot of travel especially in the remote part of the country. So, it is most important to be physically fit and healthy, so that you need not have to put you away from going to work. If you have any medical condition then talk to your volunteer organization to find how it will going to affect your role as a volunteer.

What is the age requirement for a volunteer?

There is no age limitation for a volunteer. However most volunteer organization have minimum age requirement of 18 (legal adult). Some volunteering organization also allows you to volunteer at the age of 16 or 17 if you are accompanied by a guardian or with a written permission.

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Does it matter which country I'm from?

There is no barrier of nationality to volunteer abroad. However, you should take proper consideration of visa restriction for your home country to different countries. All countries have different types of visa policy so you must take it into account before applying for abroad volunteering.

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