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Sri Lanka Orphanage Childcare Volunteer Program

Last Updated: June 3, 2022

Sri Lanka Orphanage Childcare Volunteer Program

Sri Lanka is an interesting island to go around. The Indian Ocean's pearl-shaped country is a biodiverse and agriculturally significant territory. Sri Lanka is tempting because of its endless beaches, ageless ruins, kind people, elephants aplenty, rolling waves, low pricing, entertaining trains, famous tea, and delectable cuisine. Within its small size, this island crams an astonishing range of things to see. The coastline, which is lapped by the Indian Ocean, is flanked with picturesque – and often refreshingly unspoilt – beaches, while the mainland offers a diverse range of scenery, from wildlife-rich lowland rainforests to foggy highlands swathed in tea plantations.

You may help orphans at our children's home by volunteering at an orphanage. Every year, many children become orphaned and vulnerable as a result of years of civil strife, rising poverty, and the high maternal mortality rate following childbirth. For these children, food, housing, and clothes are all in limited supply. They can't progress since they don't have access to education or parental love. Orphaned children are entitled to love, attention, and care, as well as a solid education that will enable them to prosper in the future.

Volunteer’s Roles Responsibilities and Activities

You will assist in the mornings with the preparation of those children who are getting ready for school. You'll teach English, assist orphanage children with their homework, share your talents with them, and learn about theirs. You will help the orphanage staff with day-to-day tasks inside the institution. The primary duty of a volunteer is to make children feel that they are with someone who cares about them. Volunteers are expected to make a positive difference in the lives of these children. Sharing your true feelings, playing, and having fun with kids may all have a great influence on their everyday lives. The primary goal of this volunteer effort is to help these children improve their emotional, intellectual, physical, and social well-being.

Arrival and Orientation

Our staff will receive you at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake and transfer you to your community home or host family lodging. The remainder of the day is free for you to relax and experience Sri Lanka's hospitality. You will meet your coordinators and fellow group members formally. During orientation, you will learn more about Sri Lanka and your program. Later in the vacation, you will travel to Sri Lanka, a country recognized for its history and kindness.


The communal home can sleep 10 to 15 people. Hostel-style group lodging is provided, with gender-specific dormitory rooms. Leaders of groups have their own sleeping rooms. They include Wi-Fi, as well as eating and living areas and indoor baths. Host families may also be given depending on the size of the party. Our host families have been extensively screened, have been a part of our program for several years, and have come highly recommended by former participants. On request, upgraded accommodations are available.

Free Time Travel Activities in Galle

Galle, in southern Sri Lanka, is famed across Asia for its palm-fringed beaches and sports such as surfing. It is a historic city with ancient mosques, churches, and fortifications. Galle's UNESCO World Heritage Site architecture vividly represents Portuguese, Dutch, and British history. In the meantime, you may unwind and explore Galle. If this is your last day in the program, our staff will help you plan your next steps. Those who continue with the program will be rewarded with a two-day weekend to relax. Placements that last more than a week are treated similarly. You'll be working on the project Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday are completely free for exploration.

Fees and Cost

For fees and cost details of Sri Lanka Orphanage Childcare Volunteer Program, Please visit here>>

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