Ecuador Conservation Volunteer Program in Quito

Last Updated: May 27, 2022

Ecuador Conservation Volunteer Program in Quito

Ecuador is a famous tourist destination due to its tropical climate, lush vegetation, and network of volcanic islands. Ecuador has several lovely beaches that attract visitors year after year. White-sand beaches, Kichwa communities, Amazonian forests, and the breathtaking Andes are just a few of the attractions in this small country. Ecuador is widely seen as a microcosm of South America due to its incredible biodiversity, great historical past, gorgeous colonial architecture, lively highland marketplaces, and eclectic mix of people — blacks, whites, indigenous, and mestizo.

You may join these committed experts in their essential work as an Ecuador conservation volunteer and do your part to help safeguard this beautiful corner of the globe. Help support this interesting initiative by maintaining trails, participating in scientific research, working in the organic garden, and more. Scientists and environmentalists are conducting field research initiatives in the reserve in order to protect and explore this fragile and inaccessible habitat. They are also looking for methods to live sustainably and with minimal environmental damage. As a volunteer in Ecuador's conservation project, you will participate in daily conservation efforts while also taking in the scenery.

Volunteer's Roles Responsibilities and Activities

Volunteers will find the project to be both soothing and challenging at times. You will not be under any time constraints to accomplish your assignment, and you will work at your own leisure. Remember that you are learning as well as working and having fun. Working as a conservation volunteer in Ecuador in the Los Cedros reserve may be both challenging and pleasant. You'll have intervals of relaxation when you may relax and appreciate the tranquility of nature, as well as periods of intense effort in a variety of outdoor situations.

Working areas as a volunteer in Quito include trail maintenance and development, checking reserve borders, assisting with research, working in local administration to maintain the facility, developing newer projects, working at a farm to raise chickens and help grow vegetables, and traveling to Quito with project staff to purchase supplies for the project.

Arrival and Orientation

Our staff will receive you at the Mariscal Sucre International Airport and take you to your community home or host family lodging. The remainder of the day is free for you to relax and experience Ecuador's warmth. You will meet your coordinators and fellow group members formally. During orientation, you will learn more about Ecuador and your program. Later in the tour, you will go via Quito, which is famed for its historic legacy and natural beauty.


The communal home can accommodate 10 to 15 people. Hostel-style group lodging is provided, with gender-specific dormitory rooms. Leaders of groups have their own sleeping rooms. WiFi, as well as eating and living areas and indoor restrooms are offered. Host families may also be given depending on the size of the party. Our host families have been extensively screened, have been a part of our program for several years, and have come highly recommended by former participants. On request, upgraded accommodations are available.

Free Time Travel Activities in Quito, Ecuador

Quito is Ecuador's capital. This sprawling metropolis isn't the most pleasant at first glance, and it may be scary for some tourists. Even though I first thought the same way, I now believe Quito to be a top South American destination.

In the meantime, you may unwind and explore Quito. If this is your last day in the program, our staff will help you plan your next steps. Those who continue with the program will be rewarded with a two-day weekend to relax. Placements that last more than a week are treated similarly. You'll be working on the project Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday are completely free for exploration.

Fees and Cost

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