help nepal earthquake victims

Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

More than 20 districts of Nepal, including capital city Kathmandu is devastated with a deadly strike of 7.9 rector scale earthquake. 8 million citizens are impacted by the incident and 2 million citizens are in need to immediate support. Country is suffering with the short term shortage of drinking water, food, tents and medical treatments. While in the long term, the destruction of many infrastructures has caused people to be homeless. During these days people of Nepal are in need of extensive aid from around the world. Government and local people are not sufficient to uplift the victims from these dark days this situation needs a global support.

FDIP is executing an initiative to support the victims. Participate in medical, sanitation and temporary shelter building projects for the earthquake victims of Nepal. Or be a part of FDIP's Orphanage & Schools Renovation/Reconstruction project which is aimed to rebuild these schools and orphanages to give these children a safe home, an education, and hope for a brighter future.

Volunteer To Build Shelter for Nepal Earthquake Affected Families

Volunteer To Build Shelter for Nepal Earthquake Affected Families

Many families have lost their shelter due to this natural devastation. FDIP is working along with local NGOs to build shelter for the people who have lost their homes. Shelters will be built of bamboos with galvanized tin roof. Volunteers will support the local workers and people and assist them with the shelter building process. Volunteers are appreciated with their innovative perspectives and ideas of shelter building processes. Professionals and Shelter Construction Experts will be allowed to lead the working teams with their invaluable instructions and skills.

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Volunteer for renovation and reconstruction in earthquake affected regions

Volunteer for renovation and reconstruction in earthquake affected regions of nepal

There are many infrastructures including schools and children homes damaged, destroyed, or demolished in several regions of central Nepal, and they require immediate renovation. As a volunteer in Nepal earthquake renovation and reconstruction, you will help people to repair the shelter they have lost because of this disaster. You will be working side by side with the local skilled laborers and local people and helping them to carry out the project.

All schools in affected districts were closed for almost 1 month including capital Kathmandu. Few of them will resume their classes but for most of them it is still uncertain. Reconstruction and renovation of the infrastructure seems inevitable. Your help will make a big difference in the life of the innocent children whose education has been on halt due to devastating impact of earthquake. It is a big challenge for education bodies to start the education system as soon as possible, joining hands to renovate and reconstruct can light up a hope in these dark days of Nepal.

Medical Volunteering for earthquake victims

If you are a medical professional (Doctors, Nurses, and other healthcare service provider) you can come to Nepal to join your helping hand and serve with your passion and faith in humanity. Depending on the number of volunteers we receive, we will either place you in a hospital running treatment program for the earthquake victims or organize our own medical camp to treat or help the ordinary people affected by earthquake. In this project, you will treat the earthquake victims of Nepal and help them get back to normal life.

  • Visit the camps of the victims
  • Provide basic medical support
  • Assist with sanitation and healthcare counseling
  • Participate in temporary shelter building and management

Volunteering for clean environment

With the devastation and damage of infrastructures, the possibilities of pollution has also increased in Nepal. In this situation of crisis there is a chance of people to ignore the environmental consequences and waste management might be at risk.

  • In collaboration with local municipality, will run a coordinated renovation and cleaning program.
  • Help to remove the debris and clean the schools, orphanages and other areas of historical importance.
  • Participate in pollution reduction and environmental conservation awareness campaigns.


  • Must be physically, mentally and emotionally fit to handle the situation in earthquake devastated locations
  • To participate in medical volunteering, participants must be medical professionals or medical students or trained medical and healthcare workers.

* Volunteering will be executed in group including Nepalese volunteers. Please arrange a group before applying or your application will be on hold until we arrange a group.

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For Fund Raising

If you are interested to raise fund to support FDIP for this initiative of reconstruction and renovation , please visit and create a campaign to Reconstruction and Renovation for Earthquake Victims of Nepal. If you need any support for the fundraise campaign please contact us at: .

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