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Peru Orphanage Childcare Volunteer Program

Last Updated: May 30, 2022

Peru Orphanage Childcare Volunteer Program

Peru, the country with the Peruvian highlands receives less precipitation in the summer, and the weather is pleasant, making Cusco and Machu Picchu the most popular summer destinations for all travelers. Peru's most elaborate and elegant weavings are as complicated as the country itself. Festivals commemorate old rites, the urban avant-garde encourages innovation, and nature provides breathtaking variety. The major lure for most visitors to Peru is trekking over the breathtaking Andes to the world famous Inca fortress of Machu Picchu. However, this only covers a small portion of the country's riches. Peru has a diverse range of landforms, including perplexing geoglyphs.

Volunteering with children in another country is a fantastic way to help those in need while also learning and working in new places, such as Peru. If you like helping children from low-income families who cannot afford childcare, consider volunteering at one of the numerous kindergartens and daycare facilities throughout the world. Youll play with the kids, help feed them, and look after their basic needs as a childcare volunteer. If you enjoy working with older children, you may teach them educational lessons to help them prepare for school. By supporting the efforts of the dedicated orphanage staff as they give compassionate care to orphans, you will be making a significant effect when you volunteer at an orphanage in Peru

Volunteer's Roles Responsibilities and Activities

Volunteers can help in a variety of ways at the Peruvian orphanage. You can teach English, aid children with their academics, teach personal hygiene, clean the children's beds, arrange creative activities such as singing, painting, storytelling, and plays, and even assist the administration with day-to-day operations. You may also be requested to assist with food labor, orphanage cleaning, or administrative tasks. Many volunteers have also participated in fundraising efforts to assist in raising cash and easing the orphanage's financial load. Orphans should be cared for with kindness. You will share your knowledge and abilities with these children in order to assist them develop their life skills.

As a volunteer, you should provide compassionate care, help the children with tasks, teach basic conversational English skills, and so on. Participate in enjoyable arts and crafts activities with the kids. Read tales to the kids, put on puppet shows, or simply play with them to brighten their day. Develop and organize sporting activities for orphaned children. Kitchen assistance in serving meals in the dining room, as well as encouragement for the youngsters to overcome their obstacles.

Arrival and Orientation

Our crew will greet you at the Velasco Astute Aeropuerto Cusco International Airport and take you to your community home or host family lodging. The remainder of the day is yours to relax and experience Peru's generosity. You will meet your coordinators and fellow group members in a formal setting. During orientation, you will learn more about Peru and your program. You will be taken on a journey to Cusco later in the tour, which is famed for its historic legacy and natural beauty.


The communal home has a capacity of 10 to 15 persons. Hostel-style group lodging is provided, with gender-specific dormitory rooms. The leaders of the groups have their own sleeping quarters. There is Wi-Fi in the dining and living spaces, as well as indoor restrooms. Host families may be given as an option depending on the size of the party. Our host families have been extensively vetted, have been a part of our program for several years, and have come highly recommended by former participants. On request, upgraded accommodations are available.

Free Time Travel Activities in Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru's Andean capital, was formerly the Inca Empire's capital and is today recognized for its archaeological ruins and Spanish colonial architecture. You can have good times on the beach, enjoying the summer carnivals and participating in outdoor fun and games

Meanwhile, you may unwind and explore Cusco. If this is your final day in the program, our staff will help you plan your next steps. Those who continue with the program will be rewarded with a two-day weekend to relax. Placements that persist more than a week are treated similarly. You'll be working on the project Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday are free to do anything you like.

Fees and Cost

For fees and cost details of Peru Orphanage Childcare Volunteer Program, Please visit here>>

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