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The War and Climate Refugees: How We Can Help Them

Last Updated: May 22, 2022

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Anyone who is forced to leave their country due to war, natural disaster or some other reasons that makes their place unlivable is called a refugee. Human civilization has witnessed a long history of exodus and people seeking shelter to another place.

From the time of World War to current situation of Russian invasion of Ukraine, people have been forced to abandon the place they were living in.

Who are war refugees?

One of the most common reasons for people being refugees is war. Someone who is forced to leave the country because of ongoing war is a war refugee. As per the report of UNHCR in 2022, almost 84 million people in the world have been forced to flee their homes. Among them are over 26.6 million refugees, most of them being war refugees.

These war refugees are from countries like Syria, Ukraine, Somalia, Sudan and Myanmar. These are the migrants and asylum seekers, who lost their homes and families due to unfortunate events of war. 

How can we help war refugees?

Many humanitarian organizations are helping the people of war affected countries.  The World Food Program helps with the food supply for war affected countries like Syria and Ukraine. UNHCR is the UN Refugee Agency helping directly to the refugees from war  and conflict ridden countries, UNICEF helps for the children affected in a war troubled nation. Making donations and support to such organizations can be one of the effective ways to help the war refugees.

Sponsoring the refugee families can be another way of helping. Volunteering some virtual programs to help refugees with training and development programs can be a digital way of supporting war refugees.

Who are climate refugees and climate migrants?

With increasing consequences of climate change, many people on this planet are being forced to leave their countries to seek safety from natural disasters, droughts, and other climate events. These people are climate refugees or climate migrants.

Climate migrants are forced to abandon their places because of climate stressors. Climate stressors are hanging rainfall, heavy flooding, and sea level rise. Such stressors make it hard for the people to survive in their inhabiting area and they are forced to leave their places.

How can we help climate refugees?

In situations like Maldives, a long term migration plan is the only way to help the climate migrants. We can also provide the donations to the supporting organizations to help the climate refugees. But in the long run, if climate change is not controlled then everyone of this world can become a climate refugee, and in the worst case there won't be any refuge to seek. Therefore, the ultimate option of helping the climate refugees would be to control climate change and make their place inhabitable again.

Conclusion: The War and Climate Refugees

With evolving awareness and growth of sensibilities of humans, it is expected that cordiality and harmony will also increase between people of different territories. But the event happening around shows the situation otherwise. Still people are suffering war and conflict, still many are forced to leave their places. 

Despite increasing awareness of climate change, the impact of this global issue is not plummeting any further and the number of climate migrants and refugees is also increasing.

To mitigate this global crisis of refugees from the planet, the entire world community needs to come together, the concept of global citizenship needs to be fostered. Together we can make this planet a better place and no one will be considered a refugee inside this globe.

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