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Be a FDIP Guest Writer to Share Your Words

Do you have interest for writing and feel passionate about it? Do you want to contribute a not for profit organization with your words about volunteering and social works? Do you want to team up with our distinguished authors and be featured as a guest author in our ever-growing FDIP Writers' Junction? Do you have experience to share and want the world to hear them and learn from them?

Well Then! We have got an invaluable opportunity for you to share your ideas, hone your writing skills, and grow as a writer. Depending on the quality of your writing, you have every opportunity to climb up the ladder as a guest author. Send us your works today and see how far you can get!

About FDIP Writers' Junction

Writers' Junction is an extension of FDIP's writing and editorial department, consisting of a small team of writers, designers, and editors. Writers' Junction is a platform for writers interested to write article about volunteering, social works and other meaningful travelling. Writers' Junction mentors you, helps you consolidate your skills to the professional level, and promotes you to the position of Contributing Editor anytime we see you are ready.

How to Start?

You can become a member of FDIP Writers' Junction by submitting an Online Application Form.

Basic Requirements

To be a writer with us, you need to be a writer of interest, capable of coming up with informative, insightful, well researched and fact based writing that inform, amaze, or engage the audience. If you have a travel-related experience and have written articles in this area, you will be on the spotlight.

Your writing needs to contain tangible ideas or information for the readers to take away. Stick to originality. Even if you have experience of some social works and volunteering abroad, share with us . The editorial board in FDIP would be glad to assist you revising and improving them.

We offer equal merit to visual contents. Hence, if you happen to be a photographer, a graphic designer, or a visualization expert, you can submit your photos, photo essays, charts, info graphics, images, or video contents. Send us visual contents attached to the textual contents if possible.


Each of the received content will be assessed based on the following conditions:

  • Original— The entire content has to be created by the author. We won't accept contents with plagiarism or unreferenced ideas.
  • Unpublished— The submitted article should not have appeared in any kind of print or digital media earlier.
  • Succinct— Ideas in the article should be presented in a clear and concise manner. Ideally, between 500 to 1000 words.
  • Informative — Any claim made in the content should be supported by the fact-based information (statistics, data, quotes, or citations) and should offer useful and practical tips.
  • Audience Targeted— Personal accounts, presented in the first person narrative style, should be the writers' priority. Even the descriptive articles need to be fluid and conversational (as opposed to rigid formal language) with a good tone of humor for audience engagement.
  • Travel/Tour Centered— Contents should offer travel/tour insights with the specific travel destinations in view. They should be related to study, volunteer, intern, language, TEFL abroad or similar issues
  • Fresh— The material should cover or deal with current events, issues, or experiences.

IMPORTANT: By submitting the materials you give us the rights to edit, change, revise, publish or pull out the material before or during their online appearance. In case of rejection, we may or may not provide explanations to the authors. We keep no copy of the materials that have been rejected; therefore authors are advised to save a copy of them for future use.

Payment and Reward Schemes

Our contributors are unpaid writers. They write for fun, for global exposure they get with us, for the mentorship they get from us and for the learning opportunities they have with the community of writers and contributing editors. Going alone they would not have had the big number of global audience just a step away from them. These are rewards of no small significance. Volunteer FDIP is a not for profit organization and your articles will be conveyed as a message about volunteering and social works.

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